American Ninja Warrior Natalie Duran

ninja warrior natalie duran
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Some of our favorite Ninja Warriors hit the course for the last time this week, marking an end of the road for them in season 9. Can we get a “waaaaah”? See full episode.

Natalie Duran - Full BodyBut have no fear, ’cause the broads talk with Ninja Natalie Duran in a fun, revealing convo. Tune in to get the scoop behind this season’s cast of characters.

Natalie Duran, a 26 year old SoCal native with a Neuroscience degree turned American Ninja Warrior. Natalie began rock climbing her freshman year of college to stay in shape, and turned into a pro athlete who has been climbing for 7 years to date and has won over 25 climbing competitions. With her introduction into the Emmy nominated television show America Ninja Warrior, she became a top female athlete. Qualifying for LA City Finals, and competing in National Finals during season 8. Her along with her Team Golden Heart Teammates, was undefeated and qualified for finals during season two of Team Ninja Warrior. You can often find Natalie hanging out on top of a 30ft rope at Santa Monica’s Original Muscle Beach during sunset every day.

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