Kelly Wickham Hurst: Being Black at School

Kelly Wickam Hurst
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Kelly Wickham Hurst is a respected educator and administrator who also speaks nationally about creating change that focuses on results. But shining a spotlight on inequality and injustice at school wasn’t a popular position. Just weeks ago, she finally quit and started working on an initiative to respond to Illinois Senate Bill 100 on restorative justice. Hear her empowering story.


About: Kelly Wickham Hurst is the Founder and CEO of Being Black at School, an initiative to empower parents & educators to make schools safe for Black children. Previous to that, she worked in public education for the last 22 years as a teacher and middle and high school administrator, both as a guidance dean and an asst. principal. Her blog, Mocha Momma, won the Iris Award for Most Thought-Provoking Content in 2014. She’s the married mother of 6 children in a blended family and lives in Illinois.


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