Boston Marathon: From Victims to Heroes

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April 15th is known to many as tax day. But to Bostonians and those who love them, today is also One Boston Day, a day that honors and celebrates “the resiliency, generosity, and strength demonstrated by the people of Boston and those around the world in response to the tragedy of April 15th, 2013.”

Marc Fucarile, Boston Marathon bombing survivor, hand cycling the 2016 Boston Marathon

Three years ago today, Marc Fucarile was like so many others, out with friends to support a runner of the Boston Marathon when the attack hit, twin bombings that killed three people and wounded more than 260. Marc lost a leg, suffered burns over 90 percent of his body, has permanent hearing loss and has undergone dozens of surgeries and procedures.  Follow his recovery on Facebook: Marc Fucarile Road to Recovery.

This year, Marc will return to the site of the marathon, but this time as a participant, riding a hand cycle in support of three charities: Achilles Freedom team, America’s Fund and the Semper Fi Fund. The Semper Fi Fund, which provides support for injured military members purchased the $7,000 hand cycle Fucarile will be using Monday even though he’s not a military veteran.

Click here for more information and to support Marc in his efforts.

Jami Goldman Marseilles is a mother, teacher, author, multiple gold medal winner, world record holder, motivational speaker and double amputee.

Jami, who lost her legs to frostbite at age 19 after being stranded in a car for 11 days following a snowstorm, has not only served as a mentor to Boston Marathon bombing victim Celeste Corcoran and her daughter Sydney, but will be running the marathon in support of her friend and the other victims.

Jami lives in Orange County, CA with her husband Beau and two children. She is an elementary school teacher, author of two books, has featured in two major motion pictures, (one produced and directed by Steven Spielberg), and a highly acclaimed Adidas foot wear tv commercial. With her indomitable spirit and incredible story of survival, Jami teaches others how to use the power of body, mind, spirit as a catalyst to conquer adversity and reach new levels of well-being and happiness.

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