Can You Help Save a Young Girl’s Life?

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It is one of the most important causes out there, yet lacks awareness and is very often misunderstood — living organ donation.

Thalya is a sweet, smart, fun-loving teenager who wants to go to college and give back to the world. But she needs your help! Visit Kidney for Thalya on Facebook or EMAIL here!

On today’s Broadscast, Kim and Jackie talk with a passionate, dedicated mom doing whatever it takes to help her little girl. Plus, an expert in living organ donation breaks it down for us and helps us to understand what’s really involved and how we can help.


Chantal Onelien, Kidney Disease and Organ Donation Activist: Hear how this mom crusader is trying to save her daughter’s life by finding her a kidney donor.

kidneyforthalya2My daughter is a fun loving child who likes to read a good book,  practice music on her keyboard and listen to great music on her record player.  She believes in looking at life glass half-full.  She’s pretty awesome just like her blood type: Thalya’s blood type is O positive. Blood types O positive and O negative are know as universal donors, they can donate blood to most blood types but they can only receive blood from the group O blood type. You must have compatible blood types at the recipient in order to be an organ donor.

My daughter and studied everything that a patient should know about End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). Thalya now follows a renal diet and we forged ahead doing all the ‘right’ things to get her through her ordeal until a match is found. Thalya is fighting for her life and she is living her life as ’normal’ as possible despite her illness. Her goal is to go to college in hopes of becoming a global citizen to better the world. Her passion is all about helping others. She believes in paying it forward.

To the point, Thalya is in need of a kidney transplant. She undergoes dialysis three times per week without a complaint. She is determined to get through this.  If you would like to follow her story, like her page on Facebook Kidney For Thalya. 

If a healthy prospective living donor opts to get tested the recipients insurance covers the cost of getting test as well as the cost of surgery if the prospective living donor is deemed a great match/compatible donor. This is determined by blood type, tissue type and other factors.  The prospective donor’s medical history is kept 100% private. We believe that our living organ donor is out there. We are determined and we are hopeful! 

Josh Morrison, co-founder of Josh was a corporate lawyer working in Boston (Columbia B.A. 2007, Harvard J.D. 2010) when he donated his kidney to a stranger in 2011. Deeply moved by the experience, he decided to join the transplant field and became General Counsel and Director of Strategic Initiatives at the Alliance for Paired Donation, a leading innovator in living donor transplantation. There, he led government communications efforts that successfully reversed a Medicare decision concerning financing of living donor transplantation. He came to WaitList Zero after he and Thomas received a grant to found the organization. Josh is also on the Board of Directors of Transplant Recipients International Organization.

How do I get started? According to, “The Transplant Center gathers basic donor eligibility information through an online screening system, a paper questionnaire, or phone interview. The pre-screen ensures that a donor prospect is healthy enough to donate.

The minimum eligibility criteria vary by Center, but include factors such as age and weight. Automatic rule outs include high blood pressure, diabetes, recent history of cancer, and drug or alcohol dependency. Once cleared, eligible prospects are moved to the next phase. If there are multiple prospects, the Center will choose the top 3-5 prospects to test for compatibility. All prospects receive their eligibility results at this time.”

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