Dad Bods, Autism & Mom Takes on Target

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The Internet is buzzing with the debate on “Dad Bods.” But did you know the discussion was all started by a 19-year-old college student? We talk to MacKenzie Pearson!

A 15-year-old girl with autism tossed off a United Airlines flight. What really happened and what can special needs parents do to advocate for their kids? Attorney and Advocate Areva Martin takes listener questions.

Plus, a stay-at-home mom takes on Target — and wins! Hear her incredible story.

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Author and Advocate, Areva Martin, Esq.  @ArevaMartin  & check out her organization: The Special Needs Network

Christopher Tenney, actor, comedian, and autism advocate – check him out on YouTube: Autistic Chris.  Here is just one clip:

19 yr. old #DadBod writer, MacKenzie Pearson

Melissa Lay, SandiLake Clothing

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