Help! The End of the School Year is Kicking My Ass (NSFW)

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Raise your hand if the end of the school year is kicking your ass? Author Jenna McCarthy joins the broads to talk the time of year she has declared “We are so done teaching your kids.”


WARNING: If you’re looking for an episode you can listen to at work or around the kids, this ain’t it.

The broads talk:

• Life as a room mom, why we do it and how it changes through the years.

• Why Jenna doesn’t like OPK (other people’s kids)

• How Kim made OPK cry

• Who can seriously afford summer? The price of camps, childcare and everything else we need to do to keep kids busy.

• How do you manage screen time? Electronics and house rules to fight the obeseesion

• Graduating to the next level: fears behind kids moving up to Jr High and High School

• What Jenna’s learned about marriage and the formula for avoiding divorce (it seriously works)

• Having “the talk” with our kids – how do you do it?


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