The Psychology of Money with Danisha Danielle

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Attractive women being paid by men who want to date them. Ummmmm…

Date Generous People from on Vimeo.

Has the world’s oldest profession found a new spin? Or is this a creative way to match hot chicks and the rich dudes who want them? Plus, God 2.0? How one dating site says it’s his plan for you to log on. Don’t miss Kim and Jackie’s dating site roundup!

PLUS, speaking of beautiful women and money…   Danisha Danielle is joining the Broads to discuss the correlation between love and money and how our attitude about cash could be keeping us from a healthy long-term relationship. AND secrets for making your tax refund work for you.  The very discussion of money makes many of us cringe, but Danisha breaks it down in a way we can all relate to.

“It’s not our lack of cash but our attitude toward the mighty dollar that’s really holding us back.”   For more from Danisha, check out

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