Fat Girl Walking and Fat Sex

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brittany gibbons

New York Times Best Seller, Fat Girl Walking

Brittany Gibbons is the author of the blog Brittany, Herself.  She is a body image advocate, model, author, TED Speaker, media personality, curve flaunter and so much more.

She is also the author of the New York Times Best Seller, Fat Girl Walking and did we mention she is the founder of Camp Throwback?!

You can stay connected to Brittany on Twitter @brittanyherself





fat sex

2nd Edition (June 2015, BenBella Books)


Rebecca Jane Weinstein, author of Fat Sex: The Naked TruthFat Kids: Truth and Consequences, is a person of size herself, understands the struggles that so many experience living in a world with a “war on fat.”

Ms. Weinstein is the founder of PeopleofSize.com, an online community and social networking site which provides information, support, and interaction for “people of size.” Trained as a lawyer and social worker, Rebecca has been working as an advocate and writer for nearly twenty years.

You can follow Rebecca on Twitter @RJWWriter




Plus, #broadtopics when the Broads dish on #DonaldTrump who faced some backlash after he bashed Mexico

jarret hill

Host, Jarrett Hill


And host of Get Back to Reality, Jarret Hill stopped by to talk about#SCOTUS  approving gay marriage.  See what else Jarret has to say on Twitter @JarrettHill






Marie Roker Jones

Marie Roker-Jones


And author and founder of The Good Men Project, and Raising Great Men, Marie Roker-Jones weighs in!

You can follow Marie on Twitter @raisinggreatmen







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