Heroes Among Us

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In honor of September 11th, Broadscast celebrate those everyday heroes among us.

Just 6 years old, Jesse Lewis shouted for his classmates to run while a gunman paused to reload during the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre. Seconds later, he was shot and killed. Not surprised by her son’s heroic act, mom Scarlett has carried on her son’s legacy through The Jesse Lewis Choose Love Foundation. Scarlett talks live with Kim Goldman and Jackie MacDougall on Broadscast September 11th, 2015.

About: The Jesse Lewis Choose Love Foundation collaborates with professional educators to bring lasting meaning to Jesse’s murder by developing school-based educational programs to change our current culture of violence to one of safety, peace and love for everyone in our world.

Then, some in our community honor heroes each and every day. Hear from one man whose made it his career and life’s mission to give back to those who sacrifice their lives.

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