Why Being Kim Goldman’s Friend Is Exhausting

Kim Goldman Jackie MacDougall
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Who ticked off more people this week: Kim Goldman, Cam Newton or pumpkin spice?

People, people, people… if there was ever a story you need to hear, it’s this one. Our dear Kim Goldman almost gave her friends a heart attack with a simple SOS text. How a 9-1-1 LAPD call and 45 minutes of sheer terror ended in a surprise twist. Seriously, she took ten years off our lives. You need to hear this story. 

Plus, Jackie was right… pumpkin spice is ruining the world. Hear how a school was evacuated, hazmat called in and panic ensued… all due to a pumpkin spice air freshener.

Then, clipping your toenails in public? STFU.

And, Cam Newton pisses off the internet with a stupid sexist remark. Should we be up in arms or is the reaction a bunch of overblown hoopla? You might be surprised how Kim and Jackie reacted.

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