Leigh Koechner: 3 Tips to Improve Your Life

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She’s funny, smart and not afraid to put herself out there. Meet the incredible founder of soulfulLeigh inspired, mom and wife of actor/comedian David Koechner, Leigh Koechner!

On today’s show, the Broads welcomed a thought provoking, insightful, witty and candid conversation from Leigh about her life; how she turned her traumas into triumphs.  Leigh, with her Masters in Spirtual Psychology, shared meaningful and relatable stories that challenged Jackie and Kim, and the audience, to open their minds and soften their hearts to allow their “earth suits” to be healed and healthy.

We dare you not to be inspired.


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Little bit about Leigh: Leigh Koechner is a 40-something, stay-at-home mother of five, living in Los Angeles. Raised in Overland Park, Kansas in the middle of 6 kids Leigh was once told by her father, “You have more balls than anyone I have ever met.”

Leigh moved to California in 1991 where she  met the love of her life, David Koechner. Soon after, they were married and on their way to their large family of 7.

Leigh is raw, honest, and funny as hell, aware, open, present, grateful and FUN! She her mission is to live a joyful, happy and authentic existence and help you to live it too!



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