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1CraigShoemaker_417_082013Craig Shoemaker is the unmistakably engaging, iconic, baritone-voiced character, The Lovemaster. Maybe you were one of millions who saw him in his decades of successful stand-up comedy. Or maybe you saw one of his specials airing on Showtime, HBO, ABC, CBS, NBC and just about every other major network. Perhaps you saw him in a TV show or movie like Parks & Recreation, The Bold and The Beautiful, or in Scream 2? 

Craig’s latest 90-minute standup special, “Daditude,” in which he also served as Executive Producer, aired prime time on SHOWTIME Network. His very first Comedy Central show was voted by viewers as one of the “Top 20″ specials of all time. His second, “Unzipped” aired to mass acclaim and the CD was Billboard Top 20 for six weeks. Summer 2015, he produced and starred in the #1 comedy album on iTunes, “The Last Stand (Up).” Two stand-up bits made it to the all-time Top 10 list on XM Radio. Countless standup TV appearances, including two on HBO’s prestigious “Comic Relief,” which he co-hosted from New Orleans in 2008.  Craig is currently working as a writer for the second season of Fuller House

You can follow him on Twitter @thelovemaster and click here to get tickets for his next LIVE show.

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