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Have you considered a career as a social media influencer? What does that even mean? Two women share their stories of reinvention and how they have made their mark online.

Louise Sattler

Louise Masin Sattler is a born and raised New Yorker who married a guy from Philadelphia, lived in the metropolitan DC area for over 15 years before moving to Los Angeles.  She is a mess when it comes to selecting sports teams. In all seriousness, along the path, Louise became a Psychologist working with children who had exceptional needs and sensory challenges (e.g. Autism, Deafness, etc.).  She created Signing Families as to help First Responders and families learn sign langauge affordably and effectively.  Her work through Signing Families catapulted her in to the world of of social media, where she co-founded  411 Voices (now officially 411 Voices Media).  Her biggest challenge – unsuccessful attempts at cloning herself.  Her biggest success – Nearly 30 years of marriage and being the parent of two amazing (now grown) kids. 

Dara BlakerDara Blaker is a Creative Consultant and offers her services as a musician/composer, music supervisor, script writer and editor, producer, manager, voice artist, sfx/foley artist, translation editor and more. Dara also assists others in launching their own arts businesses. Be it music, music education, art, literature, etc., Dara can help you earn a living with your creative abilities.

Dara has cultivated a very strong network of people in all aspects of the Entertainment Business from artists, writers and musicians to film makers, producers and directors. She hosted a radio show for 4 years called Dara …on Radio; Arts, Entertainment and the Business of it All, and has interviewed well known industry professionals as well as up and comers

Dara is the southeast regional liaison for 411 Voices Media Group and her area of concentration is the arts. One of her recent assignments  was the 2016 Oscars as a social media ambassador for Vanity Fair.

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