Mom Fights for Right to Die

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Christy O’Donnell is a practicing attorney, retired LAPD detective and single mom — and she’s dying of cancer. But she wants to do it on her own terms so she’s fighting the state of California to allow her to die with dignity, with the help of Compassion & Choices.

The lawsuit asserts that “the California constitution and existing state law allow the medical practice of aid in dying. Medical aid in dying gives mentally competent, terminally ill adults the option to request a doctor’s prescription for medication they can take in their final days to end their dying process painlessly and peacefully, ending unbearable pain and suffering.”

A right-to-die bill is making its way through the California legislature, but will it happen in time for O’Donnell? Hear her courageous story.

Plus, Haran Jaffe is a Bay Area tech entrepreneur and dad who works from home so he can be with his daughter. So he reached out to the local Mom’s Club to see if he could find some camaraderie with other parents. The result? Rejected. But it’s not because he’s a man… it’s because he’s a straight man. Tune in and hear his story.

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