Moms: How to Opt Back In after Opting Out

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Millions of women around the country know the drill… take time off after baby, spend time with the kids and then head back to work. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Getting back into the workforce can be a stressful, anxiety-inducing process. That’s why Kerry Dolan created Opt In. Hear her story and how she’s working to help moms during a difficult transition in life.

Plus, meet a mom who believes you should never opt out in the first place.

Please…. don’t quit.  Stay in the game.  I know and understand and empathize with all the challenges that entails – after all, Erin and I spend the vast majority of our free time stressing over and writing about work/life balance, as if there is such a thing.  But completely walking away from your career has to be a move of absolute last resort, and it must be done with eyes WIDE open to the risk.

Erin from WorkKidsWine will share her personal story.

About Kerry Dolan, Founder/CEO of Opt In:

Kerry is a mother of three and a visionary. She launched her career in New York City with a start-up in videoconference technology, which led her to set up and integrate the first ever satellite video conferencing system in the world.

In 2004, with twin girls on the horizon, Kerry made the decision to opt out of her career temporarily to care for her family. When her husband’s job called for a move from Los Angeles to Annapolis, she was there to support it. Four years later, after twins and husband and another baby, she found herself missing the kind of fulfillment she had when she had her own career.

In 2009, Kerry got back to work and created the KidsCare brand, the first of its kind. It is an in-mall childcare service that allows parents to shop or dine while their kids had fun in a supervised space. Since the opening of their doors in 2012, more than 45,000 kids have come through—clearly a concept that spoke to the needs of mothers with busy schedules.

When Kerry returned to Los Angeles in 2014 and launched OptIn.

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