Is Platonic Cuddling the New Sex?

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Move over Tinder, now people are using apps to hook up for some platonic cuddling. Yes, it’s a thing.

Olive Persimmon, author of Unintentionally Celibate, was looking for something different when she first agreed to meet a stranger for “platonic cuddling.” But was it successful? Yes. And no. Hear her fascinating experience.

Jean Franzblau is the Founder of Cuddle Sanctuary – the place for touch positive workshops and social experiences.  Her work is inspired by her personal experience making better choices in her personal life when her needs for human touch were met. Franzblau delivers presentations on sexual esteem and women’s empowerment for universities and has worked in eight countries for groups of up to three hundred people. Jean graduated cum laude with a BA in communications from UCLA.  Her BuzzFeed video about professional cuddling got over seven million views last year. She has appeared on TLC, FusionTV, KCET and Comedy Central.

What do you think: Could you participate in platonic cuddling with a stranger? We want to hear from you!

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