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Debra Tate has dedicated her life to keeping the Manson Family behind bars. She shares her memories of that tragic day 47 years ago and her personal fight for the public’s safety.

Debra Tate was just 16 years old when her sister, actress Sharon Tate,  was murdered, a victim of the infamous “Manson Family,” a cult group led by murder-conspirator Charles Manson that arose in California in the late 1960s.

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It was August of 1969 and 26-year-old Sharon was married to prominent movie director, Roman Polanski, eight and a half months pregnant with their first child when she and four others were killed, their bodies discovered the following morning by a housekeeper.

It was about a decade after the murders, that Tate’s mother, Doris, began her fight to prevent any possibility that the killers would be granted parole, organizing a public campaign and criticizing the state’s justice system. Before Doris, victims and their families weren’t allowed to make any sort of impact statement at the hearings of a perpetrator. This was the first step of many that ultimately earned her the title of  founding mother of the crime victims’ movement.

Debra has carried the family’s torch for justice for decades, committed to keeping the the monsters who killed her sister and four friends, behind bars.

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  1. Bud Cooper on 11/08/2016 at 9:32 PM

    It is such a shame that this beautiful woman was murdered. I would have loved to know her personally; find out what makes her tick. I am like that with all celebrities. They really fascinate me. And would have loved to know what the now deceased celebrities were like in real life. Keep the Manson family in prison. They should never be let out to kill again. They can rot in prison

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