Summer with Kids Survival Guide

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Summer is flying by and many parents are starting to hear those “I’m bored” and “There’s nothing to do” cries. Well we’ve got you covered! Today’s show features three moms who are slaying summer with kids in three very different ways.

Mommy Niri, Nirasha Kumar

There’s a chance you’ve heard of Mommy Niri Camp but your kids haven’t been lucky enough to get in. Hear her four-step plan for keeping kids active through engaging academics, confidence building confidence, service activities and free time.

About Niri: Having been born in South Africa and having survived everything from poverty to riots Nirasha, known as Niri, shelved her desire for writing in a turbulent time to pursue a career in software engineering. After just barely dusting the remnants of Apartheid off, Niri set for the shores of USA to be a techno-geek by day while pursuing philanthropic interests by night. Fast forward 12 years later and a baby in tow Niri traded the rat race for her rug rats and turned back to her passion of writing at Niri has been featured on, and India New England; and has worked on several charitable projects while harnessing the power of blogging like ending teacher funded classrooms, Rwanda Path2Peace, building playgrounds with Kaboom and the End Child Hunger campaign. She has also been nominated for the Nickelodeon Parent’s Pick Award.

Multiple Mayhem Mamma, Samantha Kemp-Jackson Samantha believes kids should be free to just be and parents should stop forcing summer activities on our children.

About Samantha: A successful parenting writer, blogger, public speaker and frequent media spokesperson, Samantha regularly discusses the various triumphs and trials of parenting via her blog,Multiple Mayhem Mamma as well as on various media outlets including The Huffington Post, Reuters , CTV Canada AM and CBC Radio among many others. Since starting her blog in 2011, she’s regularly appeared in the media, dispensing  parenting advice and insight to advice-seeking moms and dads nationally. Having children of the most diverse age range ever, her “claim to fame” is that she’s a rare breed of folk who has the dubious distinction of having raised children in four decades: the ‘80s, ‘90s, ‘00s and the ’10s.

Most recently, her story was profiled in the November, 2015 edition of Toronto Life as well as on Canada AM, where she is a regular guest as part of the program’s “Parenting Panel.” 

In Samantha’s professional life, she’s a strategic, senior-level communicator, writer and media relations expert with 25 years of professional experience working with both the public and private sectors.

She’s also a lover of all things tech, and has built her Communications career on providing media relations and public relations counsel to clients primarily within the Technology sector. With almost a decade of PR agency experience, she is known for her media relations savvy and writing and runs a successful Public Relations and Writing consultancy, Triple M Communications. Social Media is an integral part of her professional and personal life as evidenced by her large Twitter following (follow Sam at @samkj27).

Karen Lisacki Karen has been an elementary school teacher for over 20 years and has four kids of her own. And while the kids may spend summer days on the beach or participating in scheduled activities, Karen felt this summer was the right time to step up community service.

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