The Secret to Holiday Savings

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Black Friday sales and exclusive discounts!

The holidays are creeping up more quickly than most of us are ready for. But have no fear, the broads are here to help!

We’re wheeling and dealing this holiday season to find you unique gifts and fantastic prices. Today’s episode is all about getting the most bang for your buck.


Brendie Heter is a mother of three and financial coach.

Zoe Weiner, author of How to Score Big on Black Friday, According to an Expert,  is an NYC-based fashion, beauty and lifestyle writer whose work has appeared on,, and

5 Tips to Save $$ and Minimize Stress over the Holidays

A majority of holiday stress originates from not having a plan.  Without a plan – you will inevitably spend more money.  Most people let the holidays HAPPEN to them instead of managing the season.  Don’t repeat the same overspending and stress from last year.  BE DIFFERENT.

TIP #1.  MAKE LISTSFind 1000's of uncommon items great for the home, giving as gifts and more!

Make LISTS but save them! Don’t repeat the process each year as most needs will be the same annually.

Create a “holiday folder” on your computer, phone or actual folder with the following lists:

    1. Who to buy gifts (names and budget for each person)
    2. Things to do (lights, party prep, holiday specific errands)
    3. Grocery list (specific for each holiday dinner)


As stated above, most people overspend during the holidays because they didn’t have a PLAN and guidelines.

One big mistake? People overlook the little extras when they draft a holiday budget. Include everything from postage for Christmas cards to holiday party favors and home decorations to the cost of boarding a pet if you’re traveling.

You’ll need an overall gift budget and then further detail the budget by name and how much each person is allotted.


Black Friday is more about the experience and less about deals.  It’s a major marketing tactic and these deals aren’t always amazing.  Be careful!!!!

NOTE: Amazon will match and undercut prices at Walmart and Best Buy, making a Prime membership valuable come Black Friday.


25 percent off


Your calendar is YOUR CALENDAR.  Protect your family time and say “no” to unnecessary engagements. Attending 37 holiday parties is exhausting and expensive.  Pick the important ones NOW and politely decline everything else.  The good thing …. everyone knows how busy this time is so they understand your “no thanks”.  Your budget and family will thank you.

Put free family activities on the calendar now!  Check with your local government or community calendar for free ideas. Then pick something each week and schedule the day NOW.

Trying to cram in all activities (with no plan) is not only stressful but you end up spending more money.


Scammers come out in full force this time of year.    Legit non-profits will not come to your door at night asking for cash.  Do not give them money! Additionally, be careful giving money to random people in a parking lot claiming to represent a charity.

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