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What an episode this week!

First, #broadtopics including the USA team dominating the Women’s World Cup. So why are we reporting on things that don’t matter and paying them a fraction of what the men earn?

Then, Ariana Grande and the donut debacle. Does she really hate America or are we blowing this thing out of proportion. Aaaaaand Bill Cosby – why oh why are people still defending him?


Internationally known as one of the most entertaining fitness experts in the industry, Craig Ramsay’s approach to wellness is one of the most unique and effective ways of promoting health, movement, and self care. Colin Farrell called him “genius” and Sharon Osbourne says he’s “brilliant.” Listed as one of People Magazine’s top fitness experts, Craig was co-host of Bravo’s Thintervention with Jackie Warner and creator of the viral online series “5 minute workout anywhere” on ulive.com.

Craig is often referred to in the press as the perfect blend of Richard Simmons and Jillian Michaels and has been seen in numerous productions on and off Broadway, in films and on TV. He’s also a trained Contortionist and Ballet Dancer (Royal Winnipeg Ballet).

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