TSA Goes Viral (for a totally unexpected reason)

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special offers on everyday products and services!Amanda Sapir, who identifies as gender nonconforming and trans masculine, shared a powerful Facebook post after getting the most “socially conscious TSA pat down ever” from an airport agent.

Amanda talks to Kim and Jackie about her experience.

From Amanda’s original post: And then there was the time that I had the most socially conscious TSA pat down ever. After exiting the body scanner I told TSA staff, “The scanner is going to flag my crotch with a big yellow square.” At that exact moment, the scanner results indeed showed the yellow square.

“Happens every time,” I say.

“Why do you think?” she says.

“Because I wear boxer briefs.”

“Oh, what is the gender you would like to be identified as?”

“Well, I consider myself gender nonconforming. I am female and also trans masculine.”

“Let’s see what happens when I tell the machine you are male,” she says.

She sends me through the scanner one more time. The yellow square disappears.

Though a yellow rectangle has now appeared across my chest. We both start laughing!

“Now the machine is wondering about…”

“Boobs,” we say in unison laughing some more.

She asks me how I identify so that she may pat me down accordingly.

“You get to decide how you are identified,” she says.

After the screening and pat down, which confirmed I pose no harm and I am not hiding anything anywhere, I let her know, “Thank you. That was the kindest and most socially aware TSA experience I have ever had. Your thoughtfulness really means the world.”

“I love people,” she says, “We should be kind to everyone.”

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