Turning Tragedy Into Advocacy

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Three incredible women who turned tragedy into a life of advocacy.

Katie Beers, author of Buried Memories, a never-before-told true story of survival, memory and recovery. Abducted by a family friend, she was held captive in an underground cell for 17 days and sexually abused. With smarts and strength, she slipped the bonds of captivity and began a new life. Hear Katie’s story and why she waited 20 years to tell it.

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Tamara Rubin, founder of Lead Safe America Foundation and director of MisLEAD: America’s Secret Epidemic. When two of Tamara’s four sons suffered from lead poisoning because of the work of a painting contractor the family had hired to renovate their home, Tamara became a lead poisoning prevention and awareness advocate, dedicating her life to help her boys and to keep other children from facing the same diagnosis.

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Plus, our own Kim Goldman remembers her brother Ron on the anniversary of his murder, 21 years ago.

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