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Shuggilippo YouTuber

Jess Sanfilippo, YouTuber

  • When his son chose a doll on a recent outing to the toy store, Dad Mikki Willis took it to YouTube to talk acceptance and love.
  • SHUGGILIPPO celebrates back to school in an original and creative way, with a parody of The Weekend’s “Can’t Feel My Face,” of course!
  • PLUS, What ever happened to that “Double Rainbow” dude? He’s joining the broads to talk the video seen more than 42 million times!



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Jess is a YouTube comedian living in Los Angeles with her husband, Steve, and son, Dylan. She’s also been the lunatic behind the humor site, SHUGGILIPPO, since 2008. And she loves nachos. They are her spirit animal.”  Connect with her online (facebook, twitter, instagram) @shuggilippo

Mikki Willis, an award winning filmmaker/cinematographer, regarded as a pioneer in the world of transformative media is the founder and CEO of Elevate and Elevate Family.  You can also find him on social media (of course) on Facebook and Twitter & Instagram @mikkiwillis  and @elevatedaily

Paul “Bear” Vasquez known as the “Double Rainbow Guy” can be seen on YouTube, where it all began five years ago! Click here if you have’t seen it and subscribe to his channel! and don’t forget to find him on Twitter too @Yosemitebear62

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