When Tragedy Strikes: Are YOU Prepared?

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Are you protecting your family the way you should be?
In a Broadscast survey, we asked over 200 adults and the answer may surprise you.

While 82% of respondents are parents over the age of 35, over half have no estate plan or will written up. And only 22% are financially secure when it comes to facing job loss or unexpected personal circumstances.
Money, insurance and planning may not be sexy… but it’s necessary. We talk to experts who break it down for us and help you take small steps that will make a huge difference in the long run.

Danisha Danielle, Financial Expert, Host of Home Free on FOX

Danisha Danielle Wrighster

Danisha Danielle Wrighster

Born in Los Angeles, Danisha Danielle Wrighster was raised by a single father and a mother who was in and out of her life. She graduated high school early and began her studies at UCLA at the tender age of 16, graduating with a BA degree in Mass Communications with a specialization in Business Administration. Her life dramatically changed when she became pregnant in her early twenties. Tragedy struck when the father of her child was diagnosed with cancer and died ten weeks after her daughter’s birth. Two months later, she was laid off from her job. Danisha shares her journey from single mother on WIC, to the owner of a multi-million dollar commercial real estate business by providing a concrete example that if you turn around your mindset, the possibilities are endless.

The most important role in her life is being a mom to her daughter, and building a loving home with her husband, two stepsons and stepdaughter for their new blended family.

In Danisha’s eyes, motivating others through their challenges to success and happiness is the driving force behind why she shares her journey. With style all her own, Danisha Danielle Hoston hopes to inspire people to shift their mindset from scarcity to abundance and gratitude so they can reap the benefits of a life that is greater than they ever imagined.


Susan Christopher, Attorney A graduate of Pepperdine Law School, Susan serves as an advocate on issues related to public education and helping families get their affairs in order. After experiencing a sudden death in her own family, Susan opened her own estate planning practice in an effort to help people avoid some of the pitfalls and pain that she faced in her own family. For Susan, her clients are not just a pay check or the sum total of their paper-work; clients are the people that someone they love will some day have to learn to live without. Her goal is to make the administrative side of that process as easy as possible so that loved ones can get on with their healing process. Susan has made it her mission to make the estate planning process as easy and affordable as it possibly can be.

For more from Susan, visit WillsandTrustsHelp.org.

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